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An alternative to motions, trials, and a typical family law dispute

What is mediation?

Mediation is an alternative route to a typical family law legal dispute. Most divorces, custody matters, and property issues are resolved through two parties and their attorneys. This is a good method if the two parties are in total disagreement about how to resolve the legal matter. A mediation is different. The mediator meets with both parties at the same time. The parties could have gone through much of the legal process with their own attorneys, or they are just starting out.

Mediations usually last four consecutive hours, and both sides are listened to equally by one attorney who has no bias in the matter. The mediator listens and analyzes both perspectives of the situation.

There are only a handful of certified mediators in Genesee County, and Attorney Griffiths is one of them. In order to earn a certification, an attorney must take an intensive course on how to handle a mediation diplomatically, lawfully, and skillfully. A certified mediator must have the ability to make both parties feel comfortable with the suggestions he or she recommends, and they must be able to handle any issues that arise that could inhibit agreements being made such as allegations of domestic violence, child abuse, and/or drug and alcohol abuse.

If you are interested in a mediation with Attorney Griffiths, please make that indication when you are scheduling your consultation.

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