Location of Genesee County 7th Circuit Court. If you have any questions regarding the court, located on 900th South Saginaw Street Flint, MI 48502, visit their website at www.gc4me.com

  • Divorce without minor children OR custody is not contested: If there are not any children involved in the divorce matter, or if there are children but custody is not an issue this is the option for your case.

  • ​Divorce with minor children and custody is disputed: ​If there are minor children in the case and the parties do not agree on custody arrangements the average length is 6 months to a year +. 

  • Mediation: ​A mediation can be recommended by two attorneys in a hard to resolve case, or it can be used by two parties seeking a divorce or to resolve a custody or property dispute in a shorter time frame. Some mediations require a single session, but some disputes cannot be resolved in such a short amount of time.

  • Consultations: Legal solutions need a personalized plan, and in order for you and Attorney Griffiths to create one you will need to meet with her before any filing of documents can occur. During this consultation you will need to bring relevant documentation such as former and relevant court orders, financial information, or anything that will help create a case for you. Consultations are $95 due at the beginning of the meeting, and last on average, an hour.

Genesee County 7th Circuit Court- All family law matters that occur in Genesee County are handled at this location.  

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